Fair Housing Month and the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act

This April, for Fair Housing Month, we have a significant anniversary to celebrate. The Fair Housing Act was signed into law fifty years ago on April 11, 2018, seven days after the assassination of Dr. King. The law is an important part of our civil rights history and the creation of the Beloved Community. The intent of the law is to build an integrated society and end residential and housing segregation. For me, the law is very meaningful personally, as the Fair Housing Act was cited in my case to live in the dorms at Oakland University, Fialka-Feldman v. Oakland University Board of Trustees.

Please watch the video below about the passage of the law today and why fair housing is still an issue to fight and advocate for fifty years later: http://fhact50.org/seven-days/

Also, read more about the law and how it is often overlooked and ignored in an article written by one of the authors of the Fair Housing Act, Walter Mondale.