Kirkridge Retreat and I Am From

I visited Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center in Bangor, Pennsylvania. Kirkridge is a great place for hope, compassion and growth and for rest and renewal for the community. I highly recommend Kirkridge to everyone!


Also, Kirkridge inspired me to compose a poem entitled I Am From.

I Am From

I am from basketball
And macaroni and cheese and Mexican food.

From the suburbs with my mom and dad
My mom who loves poetry
My dad who is hard-working
And my really cool sister.

I am from a treehouse
In the backyard
Taller than a giraffe.

I’m from celebrating
Every holiday with my family
From Christmas to Chanukah
And Passover seders and Easter eggs.

I am from going
For a run
And being with Emma
And Intelligent Lives.

I’m from voice-to-text
So I can enjoy
Facebook Friends.

I’m from Syracuse University—-
A teaching assistant.

I’m from being around people
That help me.

I’m from love.